8 February 2022 The Grands Crus raffle

Saint Vincent Tournante 2021 - The Grands Crus raffle

If you’d like to know the results of the GRANDS CRUS RAFFLE,

download the list of winners now by clicking on the link below:

Résults of the GRANDS CRUS raffle

The profits will be donated to the following five local associations:

  • ASSOCIATION DES CLIMATS DE BOURGOGNE: Restoration and safeguarding of our wine heritage. Bringing awareness to the young generation of the treasures that are our climates.
  • L’ODG DE PULIGNY: Establishment of the geological map of the soils of the PDO and reproduction of the map by a local artist.
  • RESPIR’ BOURGOGNE: Acting for autism, accompanying, supporting and innovating.
  • COUP D’POUCE: Children’s hospital. Helping children with cancer in Burgundy.
  • ANI’NOMADE : Promote animal mediation for hospital patients.

Rules available on request: boutique@saint-vincent-tournante-2021.com