24 March 2022 The Winners of the GRANDS CRUS Raffle

Saint Vincent Tournante 2021 - The Winners of the GRANDS CRUS Raffle

If you’d like to know the results of the GRANDS CRUS RAFFLE,

download the list of winners now by clicking on the link below:

Résults of the GRANDS CRUS raffle

The profits will be donated to the following five local associations:

  • ASSOCIATION DES CLIMATS DE BOURGOGNE: Restoration and safeguarding of our wine heritage. Bringing awareness to the young generation of the treasures that are our climates.
  • L’ODG DE PULIGNY: Establishment of the geological map of the soils of the PDO and reproduction of the map by a local artist.
  • RESPIR’ BOURGOGNE: Acting for autism, accompanying, supporting and innovating.
  • COUP D’POUCE: Children’s hospital. Helping children with cancer in Burgundy.
  • ANI’NOMADE : Promote animal mediation for hospital patients.

Rules available on request: boutique@saint-vincent-tournante-2021.com